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A note from our Founding Champion in Fall 2021...

Hello my Fellow Americans.

I am grateful to you for taking the time to read my story. I think it's one that shows that we can all find our silver lining.

As a Career Coach for the last few years, I have been helping professionals across all levels and industries land their dream job, clients, and projects.

While fulfilling, truth be told, I have felt uneasy supporting candidacy that promotes destruction, even if indirectly, to our great country and all for which it stands.

In late 2021, I made a decision to pivot my business. Since my announcement, I have catered to those who respect the freedom of others, who practice critical thinking, and who also seek to align their career with their values.

"F.C. Co" is already working with professionals, changemakers, public figures, thought leaders, and warriors from all walks of life committed to building a world that embodies integrity, character and human connection.

Thanks to the response of strong, good-willed individuals like you, I feel excited about a brighter future. Please don't hesitate to share this site with other freedom-loving Americans. Together, I believe we can grow our even stronger.



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