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Align your Work with your Values

Dear Champion.

Finding employment – let alone your dream job – has been getting more competitive and technical in recent years.

In 2021, unprecedented obstacles started attempting to derail you. Fortunately, you and I both know how powerful true grit, integrity, resilience and character really is.

F.C. Co. is here to remind you to be all you were born to be and that you have support in this new terrain. Professional Coaching is the first and hardest step toward growing your (net) worth…landing in roles that inspire, not stifle you…aligning your work with your values…creating the life you’ve been seeking, abundant in opportunities, flexibility, time & energy…unleashing your creative passion, to ultimately seeing the earnings you deserve.


Please reach out as we will never give up on fellow champions.



Freedom Career Co.™

F.C. Co. works exclusively with those who value freedom and critical thinking.









Happy Champions:


Treacy Dobbins, MA

Veteran, Author, Leadership Speaker, Social Services


Karine Barthelemy
Financial Analyst

I highly recommend Freedom Career Co., as their career coaching and resume writing/development is exceptional. Alison has the unique ability to coach focus to career goals, while capturing the "essence of impact" in a resume. This combination is a formula which launched my career to the next level. Thank You Freedom Career Co.!

Coming from Brazil, I started as a receptionist and moved up the ranks. Truly the American dream. Thanks to Alison's careful guidance along the way, I have gained a robust perspective that has empowered me to set higher goals and reach them. I'm confident that whenever I need career assistance, whether resume, cover letter or LinkedIn changes that Freedom Career Co. will be who I call.


Yveth Bustillos
Digital Court Reporter


Ramon Bostic
Veteran, Trainer, former Yelp employee

There are many people doing resumes today, but few must have the passion, dedication, professionalism and knowledge in the field of that which Alison possesses. Alison took my best effort at a resume to a whole new level of written communication. Knowing her for more than ten years, she not only loves to help people and write, she also has a background in Marketing. While she could be using her plethora of professional knowledge and experience in a corporation, she has chosen to invest in people’s dreams by helping them find their true value and personal brand. Even if you think you have a good resume, as I thought myself, I recommend that you give Freedom Career Co. a try. You won’t regret it.

When Alison came into my life, I had been a business owner and had never had a "real" job. She had her work cut out for her. Not only did Alison write my resume, translating my skills to help employers see my value, but she taught me just how to look for my dream job. I had much to learn and I'm sure that I challenged Alison on many occasions, but she was steadfast and patient in not giving up on me and held me accountable. Alison asks the right questions, that will have you looking inside yourself and analyzing skills that you didn't even know that you had. Alison was by my side through the highs and lows of interviewing and picked me back up during feelings of rejection. I ultimately ended up finding my dream job and I am 100% certain that my standout resume is what set me apart from my competition. If you are looking for a new job, new career or just seeing what your value is to potential employers, you owe it to yourself to hire Freedom Career Co. to set you apart from the crowd.


Your fellow Champion will get back to you as soon as possible

Are you an organization of critical thinkers
and who respects the freedom of others?


It's time to focus on the strong workforce who understands hard work and resilience. Those who know that there is a way to achieve goals though dedication, character and connection.

Employers with integrity, contact us here:

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